Roosevelt High School Boy's Soccer

Welcome to the RHS boy's soccer 2017 season.

Boys soccer is a Spring sport.

The 2017 season will start with conditioning (probably twice weekly after school ) led by Coach Gary Hunter and informal practices led by the team captains in December, followed by tryouts probably taking place in late February. (The earliest first practice is set by WIAA and is 2/27/2017).

There are three teams - a JVC team, JV team and Varsity team. The season will end in late May, and conference games may be played during Spring Break, so please plan accordingly.

If yo are interested in playing for one of the teams in 2017, look for announcements of the schedule starting in December and tryouts in late February - they will be posted in the daily bulletin as well as on this website.

You can find out more about how the RHS team works by visiting the Information page on this site.


2017 Varsity Schedule

2017 JV Schedule

2017 JVC Schedule



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Our Philosophy on Soccer

  • Soccer is a venue to build character and learn valuable lessons; hard work, discipline, teamwork, commitment, integrity, and leadership.
  • Soccer is a team oriented operation requiring individuals to make sacrifices and fill well defined roles.
  • The Team comes first, we are building the team, and how can the team become better...
  • Players must be willing to work together for positive results.
  • Fundamentals are taught, and the execution will be stressed to get the best results.
  • Playing time is based on one's ability to learn the Team Strategy, and have the technical skills to perform the task ahead. Team Chemistry toward Team Play is vital to be on the field. Selfish play has no part in our program.
  • Players need to be fit to play at a high level.